“My Home is so Woodyliscious”

Thanks Beyoncé for your inspiration!  I know you’re reading this :)

So… I love wood. (insert inappropriate remark here).

But seriously…. Every time I go to a flea market or tag sale, I am always drawn to their wood pieces, to use for storage.  I think it’s a combination of my love for that worn, aged look, and that fact that each piece is always unique.

I love it…

For those who have little closet space in their home (insert 99% of you fabulous ladies out there), reclaimed wood boxes and crates are a great way to keep things organized and “away” while adding character to your home.  My own design aesthetic is more on the rustic side, which plays really well with the reclaimed wood look, however I also think it can work great for those with a more classic, and even modern style!  But see for yourself…

www.countryliving.com ($?)

Mailroom Wood and Metal Tray
restorationhardware.com ($129-$199)

Antique Wooden Cheese Mould

paleandinteresting.com ($55)

http://www.petittresor.com ($540)

Wood Pallets as Shelves. Brilliant!
etsy.com($65).  Seller Indian Summer Garden

I want it…

Most retail stores JACK up their prices for these.  I swear, the more rugged and used something looks, the higher the pricetag.  So your best bet is to peruse a local flea market, or even a yard sale.

Now if it’s raining, snowing, or there is a Law and Order SVU marathon on TV – no worries, you can still score some good deals online!

Definitely start here:
1. Ebay.com
2. Etsy.com
3. Craigslist.org

No luck?  How about one of these?


http://remodelista.com/products/vintage-wood-crates ($15)

Soda Crate Canada Dry Shelf or Display Case Vintage Wood

Hang on the wall vertically for knick-knack storage….
Or place on top of a cabinet, or shelf for bottles, spices, glasses, etc…
www.etsy.com ($25)

Wooden Crate Modular Home Office Storage

Quick, they’re on sale!!!
www.potterybarn.com ($36.99-47.99)

If you find an untouched crate, use a stencil and black paint to give it an industrial label look!  ACMoore.com and Michaels.com always sell these crates unfinished, pretty cheap!  Learn how to do it from scratch! www.ana-white.com

Here are a few of my favorite wood pieces that I currently have in my apartment. Note: I have not spent more than $15 on any of these!

I use this piece for (what else…) storing booze!

From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

Used to store magazines and craft books.
From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

Beverage Storage Crate: Olde Hadley Flea Market ($15)
Used to store gym stuff (a.k.a collect dust)
From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

{You like wood too? 😉  Send me a photo!}

New Uses for Old Things

Thank YOU Real Simple magazine, for sooo much inspiration!

Each month when I would purchase (er… steal my mom’s) Real Simple magazine, I would go right to the “New Uses for Old Things” section.  It’s amazing.  It’s totally a “der, why didn’t I think of that” moment over and over again, and I couldn’t love it more!

Well to my pleasant surprise, one day while perusing Target for much needed household items [a.k.a. cute shirt for an upcoming dinner], I came across an ENTIRE magazine dedicated to the topic.  I just had to have it.

amazon.com ($18.45 and worth every penny)

Using something I already have in my house  – whether to decorate, redecorate, organize, or just make life a little easier – gives me hands down, the MOST satisfaction.

Here are my top 10 New Uses for Old things from Real Simple’s extensive collection (in no particular order).  I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory, but feel free to email me if you need more info than the captions I provided!

Foil-covered doorknob protected against paint Pencil eraser used to secure earring
10. Sloppy painter?  Tin foil to the rescue!
9. Lose an earring back at work?  Not a prob.

Corn on the cob upright in an angel food cake pan Picture frame used as a key hanger
8. Bundt pan to collect those kernels for cookin.
7. Frame and funky hooks for a DIY key rack!

6. Fingers getting a little too close to that nail you’re about to hammer? Try this!
5. Good ole’ newspaper wrapping paper.

Zippered plastic bag used to crush graham crackers
4, Homemade chicken breading w/o the mess.
3. Oh what to do with all those annoying shopping bags… I know – quick pull tissue box holder!

Lighting candle
2. Tough-to-get-to wick?  Use spagetti!
1.  My adorably pregnant friend Aly actually showed me this last one before I saw it in Real Simple!  And for those who aren’t preggers, there is NO SHAME in using this idea for those jeans that just won’t button anymore, but are waaaay too expensive to give away just yet.  I hear ya ladies.

A shout out to pillowcases.  I use both of these ideas and they have done wonders.

Ceiling fan and pillowcase

Ceiling fan duster.  One of the few advantages of being super short, my fiance is stuck with this task :)  This keeps all that collected dust from flying into your (or the sucker who’s doing it’s) face.

Good Thing: 3 Organizing Tips for the Linen Closet

Sheet set organizer.  Store the set in the matching pillowcase!  Easy to keep track of the entire set… and well… it looks so pretty.

So Real Simple Magazine isn’t the only one coming up with those “Ah Ha” moments…


Bathroom towel racks for lid holders

Another lid holder “why didn’t I think of that??” idea.

Chrome Lid Rack Organizer

Hello… it’s a file organizer!

Cork table card holders.
One of the advantages of drinking way too much wine.

{Think you can top one of these ideas?  PROVE IT by sending it over!}

Thanks Liz S. for sharing this super easy way to keep track of all those hair elastics!

B is for Ball

While in grad school, I had the incredible opportunity of living on my fiance’s family farm.  <Shout out to the Hopf crew!> The organic vegetables we had constant access to were absolutely amazing, but to my surprise, I got just as much excitement out of a different farm item…

Enter the Ball Jar.

This inexpensive, and quite easy to find glass jar (also known as a Mason Jar) is extremely versatle!  While its primary function is for jarring goods, like farm veggies, there are so many cool things you can do with one around the house.

How, you ask?  Well let me tell you….

Soap Dispenser

I LOVE THIS!  I own 2 and use them for 1. dish soap in the kitchen 2. handsoap in the bathroom.

Reproduction Zinc Lid with Pump for Mason Jars
seller: Midwestfinds

If you have the jars on hand you can just order the lids and pumps for under $10 a pop.  If you needs the jars, you can order them in color (shown here in blue) or clear.  I prefer clear, since you can always add color by choosing a colorful soap to fill it with.

Great for anyone looking for an industrial look!

Mason Jar Electric Lantern Mason Jar Party Lights, 6 Upcycled Lanterns for Wedding,Patio, Garden,Celebration, by TreasureAgain

Vintage Canning Jar CHANDELIER Created NEW

seller: mostazaseed ($20)
seller: treasureagain ($47)
seller: lampgoods ($99)

I think they make really great and romantic mood lighting for your deck, porch, or outdoor party.

Mason Jar Centerpiece


Food Storage

I gave this to my last hair dresser as a holiday gift.  Just fill it with the cookie ingredients (make sure the amounts are correct) and attach the recipe!  Go for a cookie with dried fruit to brighten it up a bit.


Store colorful food to spice up your kitchen.


Mason Jar Decorating Ideas

Here is my go-to sugar container!

From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

Drinking Glasses

Libbey Country Jar 16-Ounce Mason Jar Glasses, Set of 12IMG00102.jpg
amazon.com ($20/12)
Via reader Joanna H. 

Miscellaneous Storage

You know those extra buttons that come with every blouse purchase?  The ones you know you’ll either lose, or you’ll give away the shirt before you get a chance to use them?  Yeah… I feel ya.  Well here’s a great little decorative alternative use for them!

From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

…or for all you beer drinkers

Doubles as a book end!
From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

{Found ANOTHER use for these jars?  I dare you to prove it.}

Thanks Abbie F. for sharing this awesome (and amazingly colorful) ball jar idea!


Krazy about Ikat!

Ikat: (pronounced “eee-kaht”) A method of weaving that uses a resist dying process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres.  The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern or design.

So it’s not a new trend by any means, but I’m kind of obsessed with Ikat right now.

I love it…

I personally think Ikat is the coolest in pillow form:

Koko - Java 20x20 Ikat Pillow Ikat Damask Pillow Made By Company C - Decorative Pillows
2modern.com ($100),
accentshopping.com ($145)
designpublic.com ($58)

FJS Pillows Ikat & Floral 1 - Click to enlarge Koko Company Java 18" x 18" Pillow Marrakesh Graphite Pillow

pillowsandthrows.com ($120)
kokocompany.com ($74)
claytongrayhome.com ($125)

It’s an Ikat pillow orgy!  All from tabletonic.com.au ($75-100)

The colorfull Ikat patterns are also great in the kitchen…

http://www.moroccan-decor-furniture.com ($65)

dandelionsf.com ($36 each)

Or the living room…

urbanoutfitters.com ($325)
anthropologie.com ($198)
I love this!!  Ceylon et Cie ($?? But I’ll bet it’s more than my rent)

Round Ikat Ottoman
vivre.com ($2,100)
www.tenthousandvillages.com ($48)

Ikat Wall Art:

I like these so much, I would totally steal them if I had a bigger purse.

www.NeimanMarcus.com ($550 each)

I want it…

So let’s face it.. this stuff is really fun, but PRI-CEEEEY.  I originally thought about going the Ikat DIY route, but quickly found that the fabric alone is pretty expensive (about $25 – $60/yard).  After factoring in the fabric and pillow insert, it would probably cost the same to purchase a pillow if you could find a good deal!   I’ve done a lot of looking…. I mean A LOT…. but it’s been well worth it because check out some of my cheaper finds to get IKAT ASAP!!

Beautiful Decorative Pillow Cover 18 x 18 INCH - Designer Fabric -  ANIMAL PRINT - Throw Pillow - Accent Pillow - Persimmon NEW Decorative Designer Pillow Cover 20X20 - Duralee Bardo IKAT Print in Red, Taupe, Rust, Navy Blue and Green on an Ivory Background

FREE SHIPPING Red Ikat West Elm Designed Fabric Pillow Cover

Decorative Designer  Pillow Cover - 18X18 - IKAT PRINT, GREY, CHARTREUSE ON NATURAL BACKGROUND

All from www.etsy.com (various design
ers) all under $50!

These babies are only $22!
www.oriental-creations.com ($22)

Here are a ton of covers for under $50!


I’m sorry, but this is brilliant:

You like?  Believe it or not – these storage boxes were colored with highlighters!  Can it get any cheaper???  

And last but not least… tell Nieman Marcus to screw it and get a similar piece for almost 1/7 of the price!  C’mon, you know you deserve it.

Both from www.allposters.com ($79, $49)

{Got more Ikat affordables?  Send them to me!}

Fun with Fabric

I’ve been on a hunt for something to brighten up our living room walls, but didn’t want to frame yet another vacation photo. In my previous quest for Ikat, I came across some pretty great fabric websites…. some designs so damn pretty they can serve as wall art all by themselves!

I love it…

Suzani Fabric
Inspired by Uzbek Folk Art




Damask Fabric
Great for mixing and matching.   I personally prefer the black and white patterns over the colored ones.


Geometric Fabric
One of my favorites right now!


Just received 2 of these off our wedding registry :)

Geometry 20" Pillow


I want it…

One of my favorite sites is www.fabric.com (quite the discernible domain name, huh?).  What I love about this particular site (aside from the affordable prices) is that they let you create a preview pallet so you can play around with mixing and matching colors and patterns before purchasing.

Here are some combos I’ve been playing around with:

Green Swatches

Blues, Browns and Yellows..

Reds and Yellows…

The first swatch on this last pallet I purchased to use as a tablecloth!

If you like that “grid” look above, go ahead and pick out a multi-picture frame.

Something like…


It’s as easy as placing your different fabrics in  each square (attaching it to card-stock or the backer that comes with the frame to keep the fabric sturdy).  The best thing about this DIY…. You can splurge a bit on the frame, since many sites (including fabric.com) allow you to order JUST the swatches (about $1.95/each).   Much cheaper than ordering in yardage, and less wasteful!

Here’s a little “fabric frame” project I did with a canvas tapestry that my fiance’s family got us from Ireland.

Rather than have the whole thing done at a framer ($$$), I went to Michaels and just had them cut the matte board to my specifications.  Then I purchased an inexpensive poster frame, and put it together using double sided tape.  Viola!

You want it even easier??   I thought you’d never ask.


Not only is this SUPER easy, it’s totally cheap… and now likely my next project.  Just pick up an embroidery hoop (can purchase at any craft or sewing store for about $1 each) and securely fasten in the fabric using the adjustable brackets.

Still on the easy train…

Here’s some “art” I just put in our bedroom.  I had an extra frame lying around, and this really bright and vibrant piece of fabric that I bought on a whim (a.k.a. it was cheap!).  All I did was secure the fabric right inside the frame (just like you would a photo)!  For some bolder prints I feel like you can get away without matting.

*sorry for the glare!*

Now with larger pieces of fabric, you can totally forgo the frame and make  fabric wall panels instead!


What you’ll need for this look:

  • Foam Core
  • Double sided tape
  • Fabric!

1-2-3 Instructions:

  1. Simply cut out the foam core to the size you like (you can make them all the same size for a more geometric look, or go wild with varying squares or rectangles).
  2. Using the double sided tape (or poster tape), tape along the edges of the foam core
  3. Then place the foam core onto the back side of your fabric, and fold the fabric over the sides.  Make sure you have about 1 – 2 inches to fold over

{Know of some great fabric websites?  Do share!}

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