LovEtsy: October

It’s that time again! Welcome back to…


{LoveEtsy: October}

A look back on some of my favorite Etsy findings from the month.

I have a weak spot for exposed brick, so these removable matte vinyl stickers are absolutely genius!

Expressions Wall Art

I got similar one’s to these as a gift, and since I am notorious for losing my wine glass at a party, they have been a god send.  Not to mention, they’re reusable!

Unlock the Cure Jewelry

What better way to brighten up a plain couch than add some pillow pizzazz like these babies?


It kills me how creative people are!!!  How crazy cool is this?  I need a Mass one!


Prime example of how a can of white spray paint can do wonders.

Molly Finds

Simple, easy and very welcoming.


Ok, not home decor but they’re so pretty I couldn’t resist!


Missed September’s LovEtsy?
Check it out HERE.

Paying it forward

Yesterday I was SO honored and thrilled to be picked as one of the recipients of “The Versatile Blogger Award” by Kelly over at Corner of Main.  I adore her blog, so of course I was beyond excited to be recognized!  I’ll be working on my official “thank you to all the little people” speech in the car later.

Well being the dedicated rule follower that I am, I am going to follow the instructions she listed on how to keep this fun little award party going.  Ready for the scoop?

The rules of the award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to other (new/newer) bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

Ok, ready??? HERE GOES!

1. Thank you, Kelly! 

Your recognition of my blog resulted in my highest daily hits EVER!  I am so grateful!  Check out Kelly’s beautiful home, craft & DIY ideas (and adorable dog) over at Corner of Main!

2. 7 fun facts about Jenny

1. I am a proud shorty.  Measuring in at 5 feet tall (although my license says 5’1″) I have finally come to terms with being the vertically challenged chica that I am.  I wish I could say I was always this way, as in high school I wore mega high heeled shoes EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Ouch.

2. I currently work in Educational Technology, however up until my senior year in college I wanted to be a broadcast journalist.


3. Today I can’t imagine my life without my dog-child Roxy, but growing up there was a time when I was afraid of dogs!  But today Tony and I are the proud parents of this munchkin.

4.  Every fall I go on a serious hunt for the perfect pair of knee high boots.  10+ pairs later, I still haven’t found them.


5. My best friend Joanna and I have a LOT in common, but post marriage we now even share initials.  Love you, J(R)H!

6.  My brother used to be seriously afraid of mushrooms.  Sorry, that one isn’t really about me, but I think it’s hilarious.


7. My feet are soooo incredibly ticklish, that my husband is one of the only people that can rub them without me wanting to die.  And sometimes I need to wear socks to avoid punching him.

3. And my blogger awards go to…..

Kim @ Domestocrat – Who’s recipes ideas have graced my table more times than I can count!
Natalie @ Mint Love Social Club – Who had me at her outdoor patio decor. Looove!
Taimi @ Taimi To Get Dressed – When I found out we shop at the same the thrift store in Boston, I knew she was legit.
Kali @ The Pink Think –  Need wedding planning ideas?  Look no further!  And congrats Kali on your own recent wedding!!!

Wow, that was fun. :)

Teach me Tuesday: Campaign Furniture

Campaign furniture is a type of furniture made for travel. Historically, much of it was made for military campaigns.  It includes folding chairs, tables, and chests that could be easily unscrewed and packed. The pieces are made to be easily to dismantled with nothing more than a basic screwdriver.

Practical AND stylish?  My kinda furniture :)

My favorites are the campaign chests.  See for yourself!



This was actually an incredible transformation, so check out the before and after pics!



What do you think?
{Would you campaign for these bad boys?}

For Reals?

Happy Monday everyone!

Since Monday’s are no fun days, I thought I’d share with you something pretty crazy in the home building world…

Check out Naomi Campbell’s Horus-Eye Eco House.

Yes people, this is for real.

Read more about the house (a.k.a the ridiculous things people with too much money do) HERE.

Love it or Leave it: DNA Decor

I must give props to my husband for finding this one…

It’s DNA Decor! 

DNA 11 is world-renowned for being the original creator of the world’s most personalized art: DNA Portraits made from your actual DNA. We pride ourselves on delivering original, remarkable design, high quality products and relentless innovation, DNA 11 Labs takes those principles to the next level and mixes in the expertise of our exclusive, design-conscious customer base to produce the world’s most original products.”

Now what better way to say this is MY rug, MY wallpaper, or MY art than literally have your DNA on it?

Check it out.

{Kinda cool?  Or Crazy Creepy?}

Trend Alert: Ombre

A few years ago I decided to highlight  my hair.  BIG MISTAKE!  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I had to have my entire head dyed jet black to cover the crazy “highlight” job, which according to the hair stylist, meant dye the top of my head red.  Here is the best photo I could find, as I tried to stay away from cameras as much as possible during this hair period…

Well after a few months, the highlights started peering through at the bottom of my hair, creating this “fade” look which I actually really liked.  Go figure! 

(Hi Jo!)

Well low and behold, I soon come to find that this fade look had a name… and that name is Ombre!

 Here are some the photos I have in my “Ombre hairdo file” for when I get the courage to dye my hair again.  I just LOVE this look!

And now to my point…  As fashion trends usually do, Ombre has made it’s way into the home decor arena.

So Welcome Ombre.  I dig ya.



Ombre AND Chevron… siiigh…

DIY Instructions HERE!



Want to DIY?  Check out Martha’s Ombre craft projects HERE!

{So what do YOU think about Ombre?}

Famous Room Results!

Results from the Famous House/Room Challenge

How did you do?

#1 – Sex and the City: Carrie and Big’s living room

#2 – The house from Father of the Bride

#3 – Parenthood: Adam and Kristina Braverman’s Livingroom

#4 – The Notebook: The house that Noah fixes up for Allie

#5 – The Bachelor Pad

#6 – The Holiday: Iris’s Cottage

#7 – Sex and the City: Carrie’s closet (DUH!!!)

#8 – Marley and Me: John and Jenny’s “east coast” home

#9 – Twilight: Edward Cullen’s House

#10 – It’s Complicated: Meryl Streap’s Kitchen

Source: This AMAZING website called Hooked on Houses.
Check it out HERE!

It’s HFoP Game Time!

Can you identify these famous TV/Movie rooms and houses???

Leave your guesses in the comments section below!











The answers, the winner, and the source (so there are no cheaters!) will be revealed in the next post…

Stay tuned!

Build your own rug!

For anyone who gets the urge to buy a new rug every season…this is going to make you VERY happy!

Introducing, FLOR modular carpet tiles, which are basically one of those kid’s puzzle rugs for adults!!

How does it work?

1. Pick your rug size

2 x 4, 3 x 5, 8 x 10

2. Choose your carpet tile design

More here!

3. Get creative by placing your tiles in a fun pattern…




and keep them together using the FLOR stickers…

And then when you get that itch to buy a new rug, simply rearrange!

There is a tool on their website that allows you to play around with the variations before you buy.  
Warning, it’s addicting!  

For more, click HERE.

If you can’t shop…

Play on Polyvore!

I recently posted about Navajo home decor (love it!) and like many interior design trends, they translate very well into the fashion world.  So since I’m NOT shopping this month (see The Cleanse) I thought I’d get my fix through a little online window shopping! :)

$40 –

Proenza Schouler clutch
$975 –

Ivory ring
$21,605 –

Isabel Marant tiger eye necklace
$255 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors gold tone watch
$250 –

Amrita singh jewelry
$75 –

Ichi knit hat
€20 –
Oh yeah… that ring is mine on November 1. :)
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