The Starter and The Burb

The other night Tony and I were talking about all of the places we’ve lived, and I realized that since graduating from college I’ve lived in 7 different houses/apartments. That is 7 moves, 7 USPS mail forwarding forms, 7 commutes to adjust to, 7 new sets of neighbors, 7 weird house noises to get used to. How many places have YOU lived?? Our most recent move was probably the most emotional one I’ve had. When we bought our first house (will refer to now as “The Starter”) it was incredibly exciting. We were still newlyweds, and now first time home

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Today is Monday, July 29th 2013 and I am officially “due” with my first baby! I’m writing this post early so at this very moment I am either: a. In labor. Can you hear me screaming from where you are??? b. Eating spicy foods and squatting because this baby is LATE! Taking after his dad c. Already a mom to a beautiful baby boy! As of 7am, no baby yet. For some fun ways to help kick start labor, check out this hilarious blog post from the Pregnant Chicken here. But for now I wait (oh

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Tough Stuff: House Work & Gender Roles

Ready for a deep thoughts and wordy post? Today I’m tacking tough issues like marriage, relationships…and house maintenance. BAM! So this week one of my favorite blogs Bower Power shared her tips on how she gets her husband to do work around the house. The post, so aptly named “Bribery, Coercion, and other Forms of Motivation” (full post here) had some great suggestions, but there was one in particular that really hit home for me. *********** From Bower Power Tip: Give Him Choices My boy toy is like most men out thereā€¦he likes his down time.

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Since everyone’s doin it…

What do Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Jenny Hopf all have in common?   No it’s not incredible fame, fortune…And only two of us have a healthy booty…. Give up? We’re all having babies in July!!! I’m so excited to share with you that Tony and I are going to be proud parents to a baby boy at the end of July! I’m currently 4 1/2 months preggo, and have already started way too many Pinterest boards dedicated to his nursery. Can’t wait to share all of our decor choices (and other fun baby

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Full of love

I’m feeling particularly full of love this Valentines day. I wish I could get cards, candy and flowers for all of the special people in my life, but turns out there are just too many people I adore So for now…Happy valentines day to my beautiful, funny and caring friends, my incredible and extended family, my amazing pup, my coworkers who keep me sane, and last but not least, the love of my life, my husband. Source Hugs and kisses to all of you today! xoxo J


While standing in line at the YHL event last night (post coming tomorrow!) the girls who were standing in line behind me were talking about how grateful they were that Pinterest didn’t exist when they got married. And I have to agree! In my opinion….Pinterest, as amaaaazing and fun as it is to peruse (when you probably should be working) is also incredibly overwhelming! All of the sudden the ideas, crafts, and possibilities seem endless! So when I saw this hilarious card from someecards today, I couldn’t help but post it. So for you married or

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Today I celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary with my husband Tony… And what a year it has been…. While there have been some pretty major milestones (to the tune of buying a house!) it’s the little every day things that we have gone through together as a married couple that have made this year one of the best of my life. I know I tell you everyday, but I want the world to know how much I love you Tony… xoxo Jenny

A Mother’s Influence

Over the past few years I’ve realized how much my personal home decor style has been influenced by the house I grew up in. I have always loved this house. It’s the same house my parents live in today, and if I had to describe it in five words I would say it’s organized, calm, eclectic, functional, warm. Now I will say that both of my parents play a unique role in the way our house looks, however it’s my mom’s vision, style, and taste that always get the final say. (Don’t worry dad – you’ll get some recognition in

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This one’s for you, babe. xo

Jobs on Design

I love this quote. I get this quote. My home design style is probably based equally on looks and functionality. While I am drawn individual pieces, colors and textures, I also put usability at the forefront. I like decor items that perform double duty, placements that provide easy access, and spaces that are clean and easy to work around. I don’t care how pretty or trendy you are… Fragile dinnerware or uncomfortable seating? Not in my house! Now if only I could have beat him to the iPod design… {Have a great weekend everyone!}

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