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♥ Jenny is my name, and home decor is my game!

♥  This blog is all about your home, whether it’s current decorating trends, DIY projects, home improvement, cleaning and organization tips, and local home decor hot spots (in and around the Boston area).  While I tend to ramble on here, I LOVE hearing from readers so please leave comments and email me often!

♥ The “team” consists of me, my husband  Tony, who often plays the role of handyman, muscle, official picture hanger and regular contributor to “Tips from the Man Cave” posts, our dog Roxy who likes to photobomb my house photos and shed everywhere, and our newest contributor, Charlie, who single handily makes our home so much richer.

♥ About a year into writing this blog we became first time homeowners, and then 3 years after that we became second time home owners!  So for you that means lot’s of fun before and after pictures, and for me means an ever growing to do list!  You can read all about our first home renovations here.


Welcome to the HFoP family!  I hope you feel at home here (pun intended).