The Tolix Chair

I’ve jumped on the industrial farmhouse bandwagon and I’m never getting off.

This has always been my favorite home decor look — think distressed woods paired with worn metals.  You know, stuff that looks like (or if you’re lucky, actually has) history.  Well now that we have a house that was designed for this style, I am in decor heaven.

After a great deal of time on Pinterest looking for dining room chairs, we’ve finally settled on a Tolix style chair for our sunroom, which is what we will be using as our dining area.

The Tolix Brand Model A chair has become an icon of industrial esthetics. It’s unfailing popularity since 1934 has enabled to enter the Collections of the Vitra Design Museum, MOMA and the Pompidou Center. This mythical chair, crafted of sheet metal, has been assured by «it’s fool-proof solidity, it’s unequalled lightness, it’s easy maintenance» advantages of which can be included «inexpensive». — Source

I am PSYCHED to put the whole look together (coming soon, I promise!).  I’m going to wait for the full room reveal  as it’s still in the works, to show you the ones we got (for a super deal, of course), but in the meantime, let’s swoon over the Tolix (or also known as Metal Bistro Chair) and Farmhouse table combo, shall we?





I love these chairs not only because they are durable, easy to clean and move, but also because you can get them for a steal!  Plus they allow you to really play with pops of color if you so choose, and oh, we so chose.  Stay tuned!


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