Quick hanging tip

I used to hate hanging things.  I’ll admit it, I’m lazy and hate the process of measuring with a tape measure and ultimately messing up and leaving unwanted holes in the walls.

But a few years ago I came across this amazing tip that I wish I could credit since it has done wonders for our walls!  Since I can’t remember where I saw it, I’ll pay it forward here!

1. Flip your piece over to expose the hooks or holes.

Yup, clearance from HomeGoods baby!

2. Cut a piece of painters tape and lay it across the top, covering both hooks/holes.

3. Using a marker, put dots where you would want the nails to go.

4. Remove the tape and place it on the wall where you want to hang the piece.  Use a level to make sure it’s straight.

Try and ignore my desperate need for a manicure.

5. Nail the hooks or nails into the marker dots.

6.  Remove the tape and  hang the piece!

And we’re done!  No extra holes to spare!

4 comments to Quick hanging tip

  • Alexis

    Great tip! Just hung some stuff last night that I’m sure is not even or level. Wondering if there are any tricks for hanging a set of prints. I have a set of 12 that I want to hang in 3 rows of 4 (something I had a professional handyman do for me in my last apartment) and want to take on the project myself. Spacing and accuracy are of much importance. 🙂

    • Jenny

      Oh grids are so hard! I’ve done this once before above our bed and what I found worked best was to do a “dry run hang” first with paper. So trace your prints with newspaper, brown paper bags, or anything you have handy, and tape the paper to the wall in the grid formation. Use painters tape so it’s easy to move the paper over, up down, etc… until you get it how you want it. This allows you to step back and observe. Then put the nails/hooks through the paper, remove the paper, and hang! Good luck! Send me a pic when it’ done!!

  • This is literally genius! My usual quick-hanging hack (which Chuck HATES!) is to use the hooks (if the piece has one) to my advantage and push/scrape them LIGHTLY against the wall (it leaves something that looks like a pencil mark – and that washes off just as easily), which will leave a mark in the exact spots that you want to put the nails/screws. That also, of course, means that you’ve just marked up the wall – and if it isn’t even you’ve still got to do some measuring *and* remove the marks. But this… this is so. much. better!

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