Parenthood is Hilarious

There are many truly joyous moments in new parenthood, and then there are those things that are just so absurd, you can only laugh at yourself, to avoid completely losing it.

Here are the top ten hilariously stupid things I admit I now do as a parent.

10.  Heat up food in the microwave, to then promptly put the food in the freezer to cool off for eating.

9. Use my son’s sleeve to wipe his boogers.

8. The great lengths I go to, to avoid a car nap.  Including throwing raisins into the back seat, opening and closing the window 100 times on a freezing cold day, and purposefully hitting potholes (sorry Tony).

7. Go out to dinner at 5:15 to avoid dining with other patrons.

6. Consider a wake up time after 7am a huge win.

5. Go to Target and ONLY buy diapers.

4. Let my son unwrap and play with a tampon in order to prevent a meltdown.

3. High five your husband after we realize we just barely missed a blow out.

2. Consider sprinting through the grocery store parking lot to grab the last car cart a legit form of exercise.

1. That time when we were drinking with other parent friends and we somehow ended up performing a full fledged rendition of Little Blue Truck.

Don’t judge me.  Admit to your own hilarious moments and post below!



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