Less Energy, Mo Money

About three years ago I shared with you our experience of switching from oil to gas heat (read more here) and briefly mentioned the free Mass Save home energy audit we took advantage of, to help make it all happen.  Well we just had an audit for our new house, and the free service is just too great not to share the info with you.

So Massachusetts home owners, LISTEN UP!  And if you don’t live in MA, I’m sure there are comparable programs in your home state as well.  Let me know if you’re aware of them and I’ll share here!

So it starts with an online assessment.  Click here to take it.  Easy peasy.  This will let you know if you qualify.

If you do qualify (and I think the basic requirement is that you’re a home owner and have a recognized gas or oil account), next you’ll be asked to schedule your in-home assessment.  That means some friendly guy or gal from conservation services will show up at your house bearing gifts, and do a complete assessment of your home energy.

The FREE (and I mean absolutely FREE here) assessment in a nutshell includes:

  • Personalized report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements
  • Screening for eligibility for the energy star refrigerator rebate (Um, they removed our old fridge AND gave us $150 for it.  Joke’s on them)
  • Air Sealing and Insulation specification, if applicable
  • Infrared Testing, if applicable
  • Combustion Safety Testing

And probably the coolest part…

  • Installation of brand new light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and water saving devices, as needed.

They swapped out EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of our light bulbs, including all of our recessed lights and sconces, and replaced them with more efficient and long lasting bulbs, including fancy dim-able LEDs which can cost big bucks and provide major savings to our electric bill!  We also have 4 heating zones which make efficient heating tricky – so for the 2 zones that don’t have a Nest (more from the Man Cave on this one) they gave us two FREE programmable thermostats.

Again, FREE people!

After the assessment you’ll receive a full report with recommendations on how to be more efficient and save money.  AND it’s the first step needed to apply for a no interest heat savings loan, which we also took advantage of at our previous house, for the new burner and new windows.

So when you get that less expensive electricity bill, You. Are. Welcome!

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