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I just finished my first month of Le Tote and so I wanted to share my experience with you, as many of you have expressed interest in trying the site!  See my previous post for more info on the service.

While receiving a package at your door full of clothing and jewelry each week is clearly awesome, what has impressed me the most so far is the service’s shipping speed and customer service.

Shipping: In just over four weeks I was able to wear and return 5 totes, which means enough work outfits to last me the entire month!   Not everything was a hit, but there were at least 2, usually more, items in my tote that I wore and liked.  Here are the items I received in my first 5 totes!  You can click to see a larger image.

Tote 1:

letote1Loved the first two dresses and earnings!

Tote 2:

I ended up keeping these studs, which cost $12.

Tote 3:lettote2
Got lot’s of compliments on the dress!

Tote 4:lettote4
Almost kept the necklace, and loved the dress!

Tote 5:letote5
Favorite tote so far!  Loved everything, except the second dress didn’t fit as well as I would have liked.

Customer Service:  Around week 4 I started getting things in my tote that felt off season (lot’s of long sleeve shirts, grays and blacks).  You always have 24 hours from when your tote is selected to preview the items and swap for new things, so you have a lot of control over what you’re getting, if you want it.  But even my swap options I wasn’t thrilled with. So I emailed my “stylist” and within one hour she responded and updated my tote, to reflect some of the newer, brighter, and more in season pieces.  And it turned out to be my favorite tote yet!

If your interested in trying out the service, make sure you use this link, as it will give you $25 off your first month, which means $24 for potentially 5 boxes of outfits!  Feels like a steal to me! P.S. I am NOT sponsored by Le Tote.  I just like getting clothing packages in the mail :)

I’ll let you know if month #2 measures up!


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