Dress me please

I am grateful every day for one special room in our house, and that is my closet.  I struck shopaholic gold when we found this house, as I now have my very own walk in closet which means lot’s of room for NEW CLOTHES!  Mind you, I went from sharing a small closet with my son, in a room down the hall from my bedroom, so the bar was set pretty low — but still, I smile every day because of it.

Now what’s funny is that since getting this fabulous closet, I now have no time or energy to shop. So when I kept hearing about these personal stylist websites that mail clothes right to your door, I was intrigued.

I’ve always been a pretty frugal shopper, so investing in a monthly subscription was not my original intention. So for my birthday this year I asked for gift cards to two sites I had been hearing about as a way to try them out without a big commitment.   I’m excited to share with you the first site, called LeTote, which I have been really happy with so far!

Website: LeTote

What is it: For $49/month you get unlimited access to clothing and accessories.  You receive a box of 5 new styles at your door (yay packages!) you wear what’s in the box, return the box (free shipping), and get a new box. Repeat all month. 

Pros:  Packages + New Clothes = Happy lady.  It’s a great way to try new things, dress outside your comfort zone, with little financial commitment.

Cons:  Sometimes the styles and sizes aren’t perfect.  Also things are previously worn (but dry cleaned) which doesn’t bother me since I love shopping vintage, but this may not be for everyone.

My Take:  So far I like it!  The shipping is SUPER fast (I received my second box 2 days after I put my first in the mail) and it essentially provides me with surprise outfits for a few days a week!  I haven’t fallen in love with anything yet (and if you do, you can keep it and they will just charge you) but it’s been really fun to have new clothes to wear to work each week.  It also pushes me a bit outside my style comfort zone, which is fun.

Chambray dress from my first box

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can use this link for $25 off your first month!
Coupon: https://letote.com/r/56135B

Up next is Stitch Fix!  Can’t wait to get my first package and share the deets it with you!

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