DIY Jewelry Organizer

I love jewelry.  Not the fine stuff, but the inexpensive eclectic stuff that I’ve collected at thrift stores, etsy shops and boutiques over the years.

My toddler also loves jewelry.  Not so much wearing it but playing with it, throwing it, tangling it, or putting in our dog’s mouth.  Lovely.

I realized it was time to move my collection out of reach, and I am super excited to show you my recent DIY organizer that cost $25 and took an hour to make!  I got my inspiration from Pinterest (where else?) so thanks to you lovely ladies for providing me with a vision.  See my full inspiration board here.


Collage frame with wire screen
I searched for a while to find a perfect piece.  I was looking for something with both chicken wire and a pin cushion or cork board.  I finally found one at HomeGoods for $19.99.  HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls and craft stores are great places to find these.  You could also use a plain bulletin board, attach a screen or just add hooks.  Lot’s of options!

Cup hooks
You can get a 40 pack from Home Depot for under $4

I used ones I already had, but the world is your oyster!


To screw in the cup hooks, you first have to use a very small (1/32″) drill bit to drill small holes in the bottom of the frame.  I marked the spots with a marker and then Tony went at it with his drill since I love to pull him off the couch to help me with my projects 😉

Next screw in the cup hooks, and start hanging!

As you can see I used the chicken wire for dangly earrings.

The pin cushion is for studs (just stick them in) and delicate necklaces (hung from a push pin)

And the hooks for necklaces.  I was able to fit about 16 hooks comfortably.

For bulkier pieces, rings and other items that are less destructible, I left them on my jewelry tray using my original storage method so Charlie isn’t totally deprived.

The large tray is from MyHabit, the stand from TJMaxx, the small tray from The Container Store and the bracelet holder is an antique spool that I got at a flea market.

I’m thrilled with the result, especially since I can now see everything I own and nothing gets tangled, or chewed on by Roxy (or Charlie).

Have a great jewelry organization tip?  Please share below!


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