I’m in love.  With a trashcan.

I never thought I could feel the feelings I feel (whoa!) for something that contains my trash, but friends, this is the real thing.

I also never thought I would spend this much money on a trash can, but let me tell you, it’s been worth every penny.

Let me explain.

Our old kitchen trashcan was hidden in a cabinet, so I couldn’t have cared less about what it looked like.  But we don’t have that option in our new house, which means the can would be on constant display.  So now not only did I want the can to function well, but I wanted her to look good.

I had some pretty lofty requirements for our new hottie can.

1. She must open hands free (foot petal)
2.  She must take regular trash bags.  Don’t think you’re roping me into buying fancy custom bags. Nope.
3. She must be hard for my toddler to open.
4. She must have a compartment for both trash and recycling.  THIS WAS KEY!

After much searching, I settled on the Simplehuman 46L Stainless Steal wide-step rectangular recycler.


It took me a week to justify spending this much money on a trash can.  I ended up picking mine up at Bed Bath and Beyond so I could use a 20% off coupon.  I sweated a bit coming home, thinking about the bags and boots and college funds I could have used the money for instead.  But let me tell you, this can ROCKS.  I use it at least 10x a day (can’t say that about my shoes and bags) and I no longer have brown Trader Joe’s paper bags full of recycleables taking over my kitchen.  I tell Tony about 3x a week how much I love the trash can.  He thinks I’m nuts, but I don’t care.  It just feels right 😉

A few notes about the can:
* It is deceivingly big.  We empty it maybe twice a week.
* Don’t listen to those reviewers who say you need to use the Simplehuman trash bags.  We use Target brand bags and while it takes an extra 30 seconds to get it to fit tight around the top, they do the trick.


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  • Rachel

    We also bought a Simple Human Trash can. We got the one that opens hands free through motion sensor and has a filter, so you can’t smell it. We love it!!! We got ours on for like 50% off. Btw if you haven’t discovered Woot, I highly recommend it. We also got our dutch oven from there 50% off.

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