Buy and Selling Simultaneously. Not for the faint of heart.


Want to go bat shit crazy?  Here’s the recipe*:

  1. Find your dream house.
  2. Decide to put an offer in.
  3. Then realize that in order to buy said dream house, you need to sell your house first.
  4. Start the timer for 1 week.
  5. Have husband break his collarbone playing football (oh boys…)
  6. Get house “on the market ready” which means:
    Clean, purge, organize… even you, basement!

    Take all the help you can get!
  7. Have husband need to travel for work (seriously???)
  8. Hold a full weekend of open houses.
  9. Have dog tear her ACL (okay, this is just crazy now).
  10. Get a fabulous offer on our house!!!!
  11. Apply for a mortgage.
  12. Spend an entire night on the internet locating the 965,765 files needed for mortgage application.
  13. Spend 36 hours negotiating for new house, knowing  full well that you could be homeless in 6 weeks if this doesn’t work out.
  14. Settle on agreement for new house.  YAY!
  15. Start timer for 6 week.
  16. Decide to throw a New Year’s Party for 12 adults, 5 kids, and 3 dogs .  Hey, why not!
  17. Pray every night for no snow until after move day.
  18. Pack UP!
  19. Pick ONE day to close on old house, close on new house, move out of old house, and move in to new house.
  20. BREATHE.
  21. Have a drink (or 8).
  22. Begin unpacking.
  23. Begin Snowmageddon 2015!

*Do all of this while simultaneously feeding, diapering, and providing constant entertainment for a 15 month old child and 9 year old injured bulldog (minus the diapering, thank god).

Got all that?  So that pretty much summed up the end of our 2014.   I’ll be honest, this was one of the most stressful periods of my life.  The amount of paperwork, people and logistics required to go through this process, coupled with the lengthily list of things that were completely out of our control (Would someone buy our house?  Would they offer what we need?  Will our offer on the other house be accepted?) was incredibly overwhelming and oftentimes scary.  We were so lucky to work with Redfin both on the buying and selling side, as they were fantastic, and got SUPER lucky on so many fronts, but still, I think I aged 5 years during the whole ordeal.  Oh and both Tony and Roxy have now recovered/are recovering.  Phew!

Tips for those going through the process?

  • Find an agent that you love (Hi Sandy!) as he/she will occupy 90% of your cell phone minutes and data over the next few months.
  • Get your game face on.  Real estate negotiations can be brutal and everyone wants their piece of the pie.  Be strong and try not to get too emotional (riiiiight!).
  • Plan ahead.  As soon as you even start thinking about selling your house, start prepping.  Get things fixed, throw things out, de-clutter, and keep track of any/all renovations you have done.
  • Be realistic.  Just because you love your house, doesn’t mean others will.
  • Stay organized.  Google Drive = my savior
  • Buy Uhaul packing tape.  Seriously, this is the best product ever made.
  • Invest in a case of wine and bourbon.  You are going to need it to help you sleep.
  • Pray you don’t get slammed with Snomageddon 2015 (we JUST made it!)

For those who have gone through this double process, what else can you add?
Are you still alive to share?

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