What’s the Deal with Deal of the Day?

I will admit it.  I subscribe to way too many of those deal of the day websites, and while I am not ready to be booked into the shopper’s anonymous club just yet, I occasionally have trouble fighting the temptation to buy that ridiculous item because the deal is just “too good to pass up!”.

Well, that’s about to change.

Yesterday on one of my deal of the day sites MyHabit  (which I happen to be particularly fond of) listed an ottoman that I thought looked reeeeally familiar…



On MyHabit, it was listed for $135 (down from $259) and there was only 1 left – so hurry!!!  Immediately I started to sweat.

Well it just so happens I saw the exact same ottoman the night before, while perusing rugs on RugsUSA for $103 – and not on sale.




So now I’m in full investigator mode….
I continue scrolling down the MyHabit “deal” of the day listing and see another cute ottoman…



It’s on “major sale” for $216, down from $416 on their site.  Oh and there are only 2 left, so HURRY!!!

But then I find this one for only $136 on RugsUSA.

Now perhaps the RugsUSA is version is not the same item with the same quality… but c’mon – they look pretty damn identical if you ask me!  (Seriously, it’s the same freakin’ item).

So moral of this story:  Not to hate on MyHabit or other flash sales websites, but before you click the buy button (and hurry because there are only 2 left!!!) make sure you do some comparison shopping first.

The end. 🙂


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