What’s in a Name?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my coworkers suggested I change my blog name to House Full of Not So Pretty.  Hilarious, guys 😉

Well I got to thinking of some other suitable names for the current state of this blog/my life…  What do you think about:

House Full of Dog Hair

Shirt Full of Spit Up

House Full of Giant Must Have Baby Items that will Last One Month Before Baby is Too Big
Okay, that domain name might be too long.

Drawer Full of Burp Cloths

Basement Full of Empty Amazon Prime Boxes

Diaper Full of Poop

Laundry Basket Full of Dirty Clothes

Laundry Basket Full of Clean Clothes

Sink Full of Dishes

Refrigerator Full of Trader Joe’s Meals

Wallet Full of Nothing

Can you think of something better?  Taking suggestions if you have one! 😉

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