Time to get your shopping on

Anyone else out there hate going to the mall to shop for holiday gifts?  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some mall time, but I can’t stand the crowds – so online shopping is my savior!

And I’m super excited to tell you about a new photo gift website that Staples just launched called create.staples.com.  It’s similar to some of the other photo gift websites, but what I love about this site is that you can upload your pictures straight from your Facebook or Instagram account — because let’s get real, do you keep your pictures anywhere else?

staples image

They also have some pretty clever customizable home decor ideas, like ornaments, pillows and desk organizers.  Nothing like looking at your puppy while trying to meet a work deadline, right?

I’m totally gifting a few of these this year (can’t tell you what I’m doing in case those special someones are reading) but I’m pretty pumped about it.  Aw I’m such a tease.   But seriously, this is the the perfect opportunity to start that gallery wall you’ve been wanting to make, or finally print and hang that wedding photo canvas.  Or be SUPER cool and create a custom phone case!

And to sweeten the deal, here’s a special coupon code to get 30% ANYTHING on the site right now!  Code: 11043

Ain’t that nice :)

Good luck holiday shopping everyone, and if you head to the mall, watch out for this crazy lady with a stroller trying to avoid all long checkout lines!

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