Teach me Tuesday: Google Image Finder

I consider myself a real pro when it comes to Google, and so am shocked that I just recently found out about this feature???!!!  Thank you Apartment Therapy for keeping me educated.

Let’s talk about Visually Similar Images by Google

Not only can this tool help you locate an image’s source (hello #pinterestfails) but it can also lead you on a decorating inspirational journey… that could easily take up your entire afternoon :)

Alright let’s do this.

1. I recommend using Chrome as your web browser.

2. Navigate to Google

3. Click the Images Tab



4. Using a new window, pull up the image you want to use for inspiration (or for which you want to find other places it’s located on the web).

5. Drag and drop the image right into the Google search box.

6. Click the “visually similar images” link

Let the inspiration begin!

Here’s an example I tried with a beautiful nursey from Restoration Hardware:

And here are some fun results that pulled up!




Pretty neat, huh?

Thanks Google.  You never cease to rock my world.

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