Scenes from my Stay-Cation

With the holidays falling mid week this season, I was fortunate enough to get a few days off from work.  And since traveling wasn’t in the plans for this year, Tony and I made the most of our stay-cation by getting lot’s of things done around the house.  

Ok so it’s not Jamaica, but checking things off my house to do list and getting organized is music to my ears. Note:  If anyone wants to send me to an all inclusive beach resort, I’m not going to protest.

So one looming project took place in our garage.  After the big demo day, we now had all of this extra room – which somehow quickly filled up with tools, man toys, our spare wood, ladder and trash cans.  Now as all you New Englanders out there will likely agree…. isn’t a garage for a car?  Specifically my car? 🙂  

Culprits 1, 2 & 3.

First a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some concrete wall mounting supplies, including an 8ft 2 x 4, a pin driver, and some brackets.  Fun fact:  I learned that the max a Rav 4 can fit is an 8 foot long piece of wood.  In case you were wondering…


And off to work Tony went.

About an hour later, the wood and ladder were mounted, allowing us to move the trash cans back against the wall…

And in came the car!

See the tennis ball hanging from the wall?  This is a perfect (and cheap) solution to avoid driving in too far and hitting said man toys…  Not something I have ever done, of course…. but taking precaution 😉

Car’s happy, Jenny’s happy and I’m pretty sure the trash cans are thrilled too.

Stay tuned for more super exciting scenes from my stay-vacation!


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