Product Review: Windex Touch Up Cleaner

Occasionally I get totally suckered in by an ad, and this weekend I succumbed to  the new Windex touch Up Cleaner.

See for me, cleaning is like going to the gym… It needs to happen routinely for me to do it, it needs to be convenient, and while I hate doing it, I always feel better once it’s one.

So I thought this new counter-style Windex spray was pretty cool, because you don’t need to pull it out or even bend over to use it.  Could you get any lazier?  The ad says “Just Dab it. Clean it. Done.” and I was intrigued.

I picked it up this weekend, and so far, I like it!  Here are my initial thoughts:


  • Love the quick access feature since you can leave it out on display
  • Smells pretty good
  • Cleans just like windex so it works on loads of surface types


  • Only comes in two scents
  • The colors are yellow and blue.  I could only find the yellow and it’s not the prettiest shade to look at on the counter


  • Wish the container was more attractive (plain white, perhaps to hide the liquid?)
  • Would love if it came with refills, or if you could just refill the bottle with regular windex!


I currently have it sitting in a decorative basket on the back of the toilet, for quick bathroom touch ups.  I’ll let you know if it begins to collect dust itself, or if all of the sudden our bathroom stays clean all week!

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