Let it Grow

Thank you everyone for your super sweet comments about our backyard renovation!  It was our longest and most expensive project to date, and while totally worth it, your comments meant so much!

And while we’re on the subject… I’m excited to share with you the latest and greatest addition to the yard.
Our new plant and flower garden!

But first and foremost…
HUGE shout out and thank you goes to my mother-in-law who was hands down the MVP for this project.  For those of you who may not know, my husband Tony grew up on an organic vegetable farm.  We’re talking a childhood that consisted of acres of plants and flowers, tractors, selling at farmers markets… the real deal people.  And Tricia, Tony’s mom, has been the woman in charge of this greatness.  Therefor when it came time to planting our own mini garden, we had an in-house expert to show us the way.

Tricia not only designed the layout (keeping my not so green thumb in mind) but came out for the weekend with 9 bags of mulch and starter veggies that had been growing in her greenhouse.  And well,  the woman planted us a garden!    Yes, I helped as much as I could (words of wisdom:  8 months pregnant and planting comes with some challenges)  but really Tricia was the queen bee on this one.  Now it’s up to me and Tony to keep everything alive and flourishing!

Alright, enough background.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here was the new garden area we reserved during the yard reno.  Measures in at 14 feet by 24 feet.

After Tricia finalized the design, we laid everything we bought out in the space to make sure we liked it.
And we did :)

Next came the laying out of the landscape cloth (to prevent weeds).
Once the cloth is secure, you basically cut out sections for your plants.  A big X works perfectly!

Next was the fun part of putting the plants, flowers and mulch in!
Tricia brought us cocoa mulch and so the entire yard smelled like chocolate.  Insert day long candy bar cravings here.

Go Tricia Go!

And after a full day of work…. here is our new garden, complete with what we went with!


So who’s coming over for a salad in a few weeks??? :) 

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