Ikea Hack: Besta Desk

This Ikea desk is so properly named the “Besta” because it is seriously the best.

And it actually got even better this week, as I added some personal touches to the already sleek and functional design!

But let’s back up for a sec….  So I have been in great need of a new desk, since my last one (scored by my dad free on the sidewalk – thanks dad!) was a little too small for me.  It also didn’t have any storage space so I found that my computer was always competing with paperwork.  And where was I supposed to do crafts???

So during our trip to Ikea a few weekends ago, we picked up the Besta desk in white:


For only $159 you get a smooth looking desk, measuring in at  39 ” wide, 23 ” deep and 32 ” tall.  And the best part?  The top part lifts up leaving you with a clutter free desk underneath!   So basically it’s crafts on top, work on the bottom! 🙂

Ikea Desk Inside

But it wasn’t quite right!

The first hack was Tony’s idea.  Since you can’t really use a lamp on this desk, we needed to be creative with lighting.  So Tony grabbed the Ikea NON LED countertop light and mounted it to the inside top lip of the desk.  We still need to work out a better way to hide the cord, but otherwise it’s a perfect fit!

NON Led light ikea



So now the light issue has been fixed, the only thing left to tackle is the strange built in storage compartments.  Thanks Sweden.

Ikea Desk Inside 2

They just didn’t quite fit my de-cluttering needs, but it was an easy fix with a quick trip down the Martha Stewart Home Office aisle at Staples!

I picked up two items:
The cork message board ($5.99)
Clear hanging pocket ($3.99)

Because the back wall of the desk is velcro, I was able to attach everything with just a few sticky velcro strips, leaving me with….

The Besta Desk ever!

I love how everything is at my fingertips, and when I’m done working, I just shut it (the top has hydraulics so it shuts slowly for safety) and I’m left with a clean, clutter free space!

Got any Ikea hacks of your own to share?  If you like this stuff, there is a whole website dedicated to Ikea updates here!

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