Holy Snow!

There are many great things about being a home owner, as I often share here on this blog… But there are also times when I really miss being a renter, where many of the “no fun” tasks are miraculously taken care of for you!

Case in point:  The Blizzard of 2013

Like most of you New Englanders, we got slammed this weekend with a Nor’easter that dumped up to 30″ of snow!!!  We were actually away in Maine for most of the storm and so coming home Sunday afternoon was quite a slap in the face.   There was no place to even park our car as we shoveled out, so my husband, bless his heart, carried our dog into the house, and while I went to the grocery store, he got cracking on our driveway.



As you can see with my fancy little scale, the wind caused a drift as tall as Tony, meaning the snow in our driveway was 6 feet tall!  So I’m sure you can only imagine how long it took to dig out.

While I didn’t get stuck with the hard job of shoveling this time around, it’s definitely times like this that I miss being shoveled out by that angel in a plow, who miraculously comes to your apartment building/house rental while you hang in your PJ’s :)

But I guess that’s New England and home ownership for ya…  So how are you all surviving the Snowmagedon this week???


2 comments to Holy Snow!

  • Yikes! That is such a crazy drift! My sister got 34.5 inches in CT…and we only got about a foot at our house in NJ. I still think it’s nuts that I’m saying we “only” got about a foot of snow. Friggin’ Nemo…

  • I was actually looking forward to going to work today after being home from Friday-Sunday. The driving ban made it impossible to go anywhere so I was a tad stir craaay craay. I tried to stay positive and think of it as a great money saving weekend :)

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