Hello World

Hello friends!!!  
I’m back!!!  Well, sorta.

When I last posted, over 4 months ago now, I had every intention of returning to my normal blogging routine.  I figured once my maternity leave was over and the babes and I were in the groove, things would go back to kinda-normal.  Well boy was I naive!

Becoming a mother has been absolutely wonderful, but also all-consuming… leaving me with little time outside of caring for my family and returning to my full time job, to blog.  And let’s face it, if I have a free minute, I’m more likely going to shower or take a nap than log on and write. 🙂

So to answer the question that I have received frequently over the last few weeks regarding when I am going to start blogging regularly again, the answer is I don’t know.  And it’s a response that comes with such mixed emotions.  I have absolutely loved writing this blog over the past few years.  It gives me so much pleasure, a creative outlet, and a network of amazing blogger friends and writers.  But it also is incredibly time consuming, and so realistically, I can’t be the same kind of blogger I once was.  At least for now.

The other area I am struggling with now is what is the future of HFoP?  Originally I did not intend on turning this into a lifestyle blog, where I would incorporate more topics aside from just home decor and DIY.  But to be brutally honest, my universe now revolves around this little man that Tony and I created, and so it’s hard to imagine not writing about that, and about motherhood in general.  As my coworkers have joked – my blog should be renamed to House Full of Not So Pretty, as decorating and DIY (and let’s get real, cleaning!!!) have taken a back seat.

So I hope you’ll stay with me, dear friends, as I jump back into this blog with only a vague direction.  I hope you’ll indulge me as I share my humorous and honest experiences with new motherhood – something that I am excited to start sharing with you and hope you’ll share right back… sprinkled with pictures of my adorable baby, and of course, home related posts!  I may not post as frequently as I used to, but please know I’m still here, and hope you will be too!

And let’s end on a baby pic, because I really can’t resist.
I must say, my house may not be real pretty right now, but it sure is filled with love for this little munchkin 🙂

Charlie – 16 Weeks

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