Our Backyard Makeover Reveal

Have I foreshadowed this post enough to get you super pumped?  Well it’s time!

Let’s start back a year ago… Welcome to our backyard jungle.

We closed on our house in the dead of winter, so as soon as spring hit, we got a first look at the massive amounts of greenery that made up our yard. The shot above was taken mid spring, and since the house had been vacant for quite some time before we got there, things got a bit unruly back there.

As a reminder, our yard was divided into two sections (lower tier/upper tier), separated by thick green bushes.
The photo below is courtesy of the new Google Maps (amazing!) and shows the two sections, and the massive bushes in between!

overhead shot of house

Our first project was to put in stairs so that we could actually access the back part of the yard.  But after Tony spent an entire day removing one of  those green bushes that divided the yard (those suckers have deep roots!) we realized we needed major machinery to get the job done.

Video:  Bush Removal


We got three quotes and decided to go with D’Arrigo Masonry and Landscaping, out of Woburn, MA.
Huge shout out to Peter who has been a joy to work with, and his crew who have been our saviors these past 12 months.

So in came the major machinery, out came a few of those f-in bushes… and in their place were stairs!

Once the stairs were in, we were able to enjoy the back part of the yard for the rest of the summer…
Some good times were spent with those Adirondack chairs and fire pit.

But oh, we weren’t even close to done!

Summer, Winter and Fall were SAVE SAVE SAVE months, because we were bringing the D’Arrigo boyz and their hard core machinery back for a major patio and yard reno.

Welcome to the danger zone…

You can see why this project was even too big for my handy man hubby.

But soon enough, things were starting to take shape!
And the best part?
The rock wall you see below was built with rocks that were already in our yard!  They were hidden by the fence (on the right) under a massive amount of bushes.  Major savings here!

Progress shot (through the screen… sorry!)

Next came my favorite part… The spraying of the grass seed!  This was pretty cool to watch.

Video:  Spraying in grass seed


Thanks to our in ground irrigation system (nice perk that came with the house) in just two weeks, the grass has started to grow!

And I’ve saved the best for last!

Here is a picture of our old, cracked and weathered patio…

And here is the new, improved (and so much bigger) patio!!!

As you can see, the grass is still growing, so we haven’t been able to enjoy the lawn, but there’s been plenty of quality time on the patio!

Alright here’s the in-a-nutshell recap of what was done:

Bushes Removed
Stairs Built
(2) Rock Walls Built
Retaining Wall Built
Yard Leveled
Old Patio Removed
New Patio Installed
Garden Area Installed
Irrigation System Rerouted
Grass Seeded

Next up?  

See that brown area in front of that patio?  It’s going to be a garden!  STAY TUNED!

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