Back in a Jiffy

Every once in a while I take a mini blog vacation.  The time off always results in some much needed technology R&R, and helps me refuel for my next round of DIY and home related posts.

Spoiler Alert: I have some pretty exciting backyard updates to share!!!

This blog vacation however is particularly exciting, as I’ll be spending some time on Cape Cod in celebration of my little brother getting married!!!!   In addition to what is going to be the most stunning bride and groom, the wedding is taking place at what I anticipate to be one of the most beautifully designed spots on Cape Cod, The Wequassett Resort.

I mean just look at this place!

Joe and Lindsay – I could not be happier for the two of you and can’t wait to celebrate you both so soon!

So signing off until after Memorial Day weekend.  And for those who have some time off as well – enjoy it – and see you back here soon!

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