House Files: Office Makeover {and some dog}

Ready for another room reveal?  I hope so ’cause I’m about to show you one! :)  Warning, this one isn’t super exciting but it comes with cute dog pics so totally worth it.

I haven’t talked much about our office because it’s probably the one room in the house that we have done the least amount of work on, and still have plans to update.  Shortly after we closed on the house we found out that our poor dog Roxy was going to need major surgery (not to worry – she is now fully recovered) and so the office quickly became her “recovery” room for about two months.  And as much as we love our hairy four legged child, she just wouldn’t appreciate the good decor, so we held off.

Here she is after surgery with her cone of shame, which was just heartbreaking!

And here’s a shot of her shaved leg, with the hair almost grown in!  For those who have pets and may be curious, she had TPLO surgery and it was a major success!  Shout out to Cindy and the amazing vets at Tufts Animal Hospital!

Isn’t she the cutest???  Ok, I promise this post isn’t all about our dog.  Getting to the point now…

Alrighty… Here is what the office, or as the real estate agent called it, third bedroom, looked like before we made our mark on it.

Gorgeous, right? 😉  Well compared to the rest of the house this room was a BREEZE to redo!  The biggest project in this room was ripping up the carpets, and priming and painting the walls.  Once that was done, we moved in the furniture, hung a few things on the wall, and haven’t touched it since.

Now recently we decided to make some changes to the office, including building a very large desk that we’ll both share.  So I wanted to make sure I document the room now, as this will serve nicely as our “during” photo.



Desks = The small desk on the left is mine, and it was found on the sidewalk by my dad.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?  It’s seriously perfect for me and all of my 5 feet.  The big desk on the other hand is Tony’s, which we bought while he was finishing his PhD, and so he deserved a big space since he spent most of his waking hours there.  Thanks Ikea!

Rug = For those perceptive readers, yes you are correct… This is our living room rug.  Good eye!  Well actually this was our living room rug, as we now have a new one!  Post about that will be coming…


Wall = The wall decor is a work in progress… Our most recent purchase was this beatiful SwiftMaps Giclée Canvas Wall Map, originally $70 but mine with a groupon for $19!  Not too shabby.  The most expensive part was framing it!

Bookshelf = This ladder bookshelf looks different every week since it pretty much serves as a catch all for random items we accumulate.  But with our new office layout plan we’ll have more concealed storage so I can use the bookshelf for more decorative items.

So that’s the “during” and can’t wait to document our final redo!  Stay tuned!


2 comments to House Files: Office Makeover {and some dog}

  • Vicki Cotton

    Jenny, beautiful make-over! What color did you use on the wall? I’m collecting paint colors for my future revamping of the house.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Vicki! So we actually had Home Depot match a Benjamin Moore color we liked, so the Behr paint color doesn’t have a name but rather a color code. I’ll dig around though and see if I can find it!

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