Demo Day

The projects that seem to be the most fun at our house are the ones that involve demolition.  So when we decided to remove the back wall of our garage, to say Tony was excited is an understatement.

Alright here’s the deal.

In the back of our garage is a concrete wall, and behind that concrete wall is a storage room.  Not only could we use space for a workbench, but we also needed a place for Tony to store his motorcycle in the winter.  Yes, we have a motorcycle… In fact at one point we had two motorcycles… Not my favorite toy of Tony’s but that’s a story for another day :)

The white box and chords are for are electric garage door opener.  First these were removed and placed elsewhere.

Here is a peak at the back room, accessible through the basement, and a shot of the first breakthrough!

And here is the mean old sledgehammer…

So here’s how it works!


This is the benefit of writing this blog…  I get all the credit!
Kidding.  I spent maybe 1 minute on the demo.
Let’s focus on the real powerhouses of the day, Tony and his dad Mark.

Halfway done!

For the last part of the job, Mark broke out a masonary saw to cut the edge without damaging the other wall.

And that left us with….

Fortunately we are currently having a TON of work done in our backyard (stay tuned!) and so we were able to use the landscaper’s dump truck to haul away the debris.  He planned to use it as fill for another project he’s doing, so we were happy that the material was being recycled (and removed for free), and he was happy that we would do all the labor of filling the truck.  Win win!

Some we moved by hand, and the rest we used our wheelbarrow, which I got FREE at a yard sale!  Gotta love yard sales…

And the final reveal….  The green painted area in the back = all our new space!

I have grand plans for organizing the soon to be work space… I’ll keep you posted!

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