The Beauty of Books

In my future dream home, I would have a wall made entirely of bookshelves.  I just LOVE the look! And while I am really diggin the convenience of my new Kindle (thanks Tony!), it may put a bit of a damper on this aspiration!

Well pre-kindle, we were lucky to get 8 built in bookshelves with our new apartment.  Probably my 2nd favorite apartment feature, after the pantry of course! And at least once a week I think about how I’d like to rearrange the books and other things I currently store on them :).  There are just so many things you can do!

Well here’s a sample of what we’ve got going on now…

Remember my turquoise chair purchase?? As you can see it’s found a temporary home until I glaze it.

I personally like to stack books both vertically and horizontally.  Helps maximize space, and adds to the look!

Both from Jenny’s HFoP

Let’s check out what other people are doing!

Hogan Builders

Home DIT

Oliveaux Blog

Great way to divide a large room.


Seriously cool.

Ron Arad via Likecool

Not enough books?  No prob!  Take advantage of bookshelves to display anything you’re proud of.

Staging House

Web Urbanist

This Old House

These are ACTUAL stairs!

Apartment Therapy

Want this look, but don’t have the built ins?  Check out these totally affordable bookshelf options from Ikea!

Billy $230

Expedit $129

Linnarp $249

{The end.}

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