Put a Cork in it.

Following a previous post about what do with empty wine bottles, I received a ton of great ideas and requests for how to reuse corks.  I’ve actually been saving corks for quite some time now (and kinda like how they look right now!)

From Jenny’s HFoP

But I have a plan, and that is to create a trivet, like one of these:

Wine Enthusiast ($13/set)

But there are so many other cool things you can do!


(1) Wine Enthusiast
(2) Etsy ($15/4)

Bulletin Boards

(1) Wine Enthusiast
(2) Crafting a Green World

Table Card Holder

Etsy ($15)


(1) Etsy ($40)
(2) Cork Creations KC

Cork Truck (not for sale)

Candle Holders

Etsy ($10)
The Spoon Sisters ($12)


Keychains ($30)

Monogram Napkin Rings ($27)

{Challenge:  Drink up, and show me what you can do!}


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